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The Gravity at Freedom Plaza

I have been scooting around on my Segway to places near the studio where I can lay on my back and stare off into the sky – a ledge at Freedom Plaza will do today. In between my random rounds of thoughts, I sit up […]

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Notebook Sketch: The Virus (1/5/2021)

Going a bit stir-crazy, being confined to a short list of places to go and things to do. With the colder weather compounding the isolation (can’t sit outside in a field or the empty stands of the nearby park for hours) of world responding to […]

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Notebook Sketch: Other Beings (1/4/2021)

I try and imagine what other “intelligent” life would look like. I often “theorize” they’d be less organic and possibly highly amalgamated with whatever technological breakthroughs their intelligence engendered. The forces of nature do a spectacular job, but when the mind develops it starts to […]

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