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I try and imagine what other “intelligent” life would look like. I often “theorize” they’d be less organic and possibly highly amalgamated with whatever technological breakthroughs their intelligence engendered. The forces of nature do a spectacular job, but when the mind develops it starts to have ideas of its own.

What we call “evolution” can’t be enough, especially when a being begins to recognize what’s necessary for its survival, being at the top of the so-called food chain within its recognized habitat. Also, if a being were to consider leaving its habitat, it would need to, in effect, speed up it evolutionary process by adding some new attributes and abilities. Life becomes what it is because of where it calls home. So a cyborg it is.

While thinking about these things, this is what quickly came to mind as an image. I was in a scribbling mood to. I wn=anted to remain loose is form and use my typical floating symbols to fill in some space. I can’t completely relent the anthropomorphic ideals ingrained in my soul. However, more often, I think an advanced life-form would look more like an octopus –they have nine brains. I’ll do that one later.

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