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So, our studio resides in a large building with offices, an outlooking rooftop, a gallery, and so much more. We are located in a block of the building that is dedicated to artists and art related work. Because of this, our neighbors are creatives as well. Right across from our studio, is an event space where certain artists come in and out and recently a play has been held in the space. Often coming in we see the play workers moving around, carrying props into the space, and practicing in the stairwells. One day while the play was going on, my wife and I noticed two chairs sitting directly outside of our door, perfectly centered on the wall. Seeing the chairs sparked inspiration in me and so I have begun a series of photos of us two sitting in the chairs. Every few days we come out to sit and have our daughter Truth come to take the photo. Our setup has evolved over time, beginning with a simple photo with the basic and drab hallway lighting to a more intentional and colorful set up with LED lights and some of my artwork as a centerpeice. I’ve come to appreciate Truth’s developed eye for frame because she has previously done some questionably framed photography for me.

The second photo in the series had a little bit of added elements to make the scene a bit more professional. This time around I had some real lights out here, which my son Excel eagerly helped to set up. In the center, I put up one of my artworks that I have been making. Theres so many wooden boards lying around so I’ve been adding my touch to them. There’s an added prop in my hands, one of my many notebooks, which I write in almost everywhere I go to put my theories and thoughts about everything in permanence, or at least in written form for a while. In this one you can also see my dope new swatch (it has a bell on it!). It has become my new (but old because it used to be the thing back in the day) daily watch style.
When we do these mini shoots I like to give Erica a couple directions for posing and such. In this one I said “be serious” but we just look straight up mad.
We’ve got two boards this time! The suitcase in the front is an old one that I grabbed from my mom’s house on one trip and decided to put some “happenings” on it. If you look super closely you can see me on my wife’s chest with a bunch of dudes around me in some prison gear. Yes, I had a hoodie made to let everyone know about my (slight) 3 year detour to prison.
Close up with some smiles just because. In this one you get a better view of my hoodie. If you hadn’t noticed, I bought a new swatch.
I decided to add some color to this one.
The prop evolution is real. In this one we’ve got the Blackmagic in front of me, my video camera that I take on all of my shoots. This thing is an absolute beast. Erica has a clapperboard at her feet, and it looks like she’s the director of this production. Her face says that it’s been tiring job.
I said “smile” for this one. It’s easy to smile when you’re “morally flexible”. I love my new t shirt.
I guess I got tired of the shoot. At least she still looks happy to be here. Check out the Segway injury on my elbow though. Not as bad as it looks, it was actually a fun experience.

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