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Last week we did a “family style” shoot at the UDC Law School’s 2022 hooding ceremony. It was super chaotic and I almost broke down trying to put everything together. The plan was to stream the event and up until two days before it, I had been thinking that the projector on stage would screen the live stream but what they actually wanted was a separate slideshow that had not been put together at that point to play.

I scrambled then to get the slides together and had Truth, who had now come on as an intern this summer, on the job of manning the projector. She pulled through for us big time, being a smooth operator without having rehearsed her cues beforehand.

I ran a couple of cameras, moving them at different stages of the event. Excel helped on the main camera, my friend Rasheed ran the show, operating the Blackmagic 4k Switcher and talking to the camera ops. TyAndre and Hamilton were on the other cameras. Erica was the voice of god, announcing the main instructions and names of those who graduated.

Leading up to the event on the day of the show, so many things felt like they were going wrong. The production seemed to balance on the smallest of details, but we made it through thanks to each person involved. Both the UDC people and I are happy with the result and we hope to work on more projects with them in the future.

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