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Excel Monologue – Breakfast Club

I enjoyed filming this one. Excel and I have been working on shooting some monologues, to build up his media on the internet. One monologue that he picked out was from a scene in Breakfast Club where the character Andrew is telling the rest of […]

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Excel Monologue – Silver Linings Playbook

Excel picked out a popular monologue from the movie, Silver Linings Playbook to film right outside of the studio in a random alley. We used a football as a prop to match the original scene. Instead of closely studying just how Bradley Cooper (the original […]

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My Son, The Actor: Two Monolgues

My son Excel has been engaged in various summer theater camps, acting symposiums and several high school stage productions at Wilson High School in Northwest, DC. He’s also an important employee at Park Triangle Productions. His behind the camera set experience has allowed him to […]

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