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random sketch and words in a notebook.

Going a bit stir-crazy, being confined to a short list of places to go and things to do. With the colder weather compounding the isolation (can’t sit outside in a field or the empty stands of the nearby park for hours) of world responding to a pandemic caused in part from the tiniest of agents: a virus.

They aren’t even living beings. From what was being debated when I was in biology class years ago, the virus isn’t considered a living thing, yet it holds so much power over the living. This code-twisting bio-mass can rearrange not only our DNA but all the patterns of behavior… commerce, conversation, closeness and energy that humanity thrives on. It’s not even a single-celled organism yet it has brought the world to near standstill.

I do wear a mask, but it’s troubling how we’ve lost a key component in communication when we safely move about the world. We don’t only listen to the sounds our mouths produce, we look at our mouths even when it is silent. A smile, smirk or frown sometimes tells us more than the words that emanate from it.

It’s hard to place judgement on a mindless entity like a virus, but experts have estimated over 500,000 lives have been lost in the US to this iteration of a coronavirus. There are no comforting expressions I can think of to those who have lost, are suffering or burdened by occupations that rest on the frontlines of this battle.

What I think I wrote within the sketch –

There is a fluidity in what is alive and what is not. Metals weld in space… oxidation is a strange interaction… wild like life – things happen while we interact natural phenomenon like nuclear reactions on the sun as simple volatility in nature… this is all in concert to try and create the magic of life

What force witnessed fledgling earth?

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