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I have been scooting around on my Segway to places near the studio where I can lay on my back and stare off into the sky – a ledge at Freedom Plaza will do today. In between my random rounds of thoughts, I sit up and write out some of my ideas. Freedom Plaza is a perfect place to go, especially around 10:00am on a weekday. The mood is chill because most folks are already at work.

Today I went there and wrote about gravity which is the center of a lot of my ideas and theories about how this thing works. I have been really peeling back the conceptual layers on what we believe about gravity and how it works in our reality and our connections between people. Gravity shapes our reality or is a guiding “force” that is fundamental in its construction.

Perhaps I’ve become too obsessed with toying with my ideas about gravity. How I suspect it folds into a fourth spacial dimension… and perhaps a fifth. Hell, while we’re at it, why not a sixth?

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