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This is a twenty-two year old website that just won't go away. This site is digital proof that I, Gemal Woods, am here. I post, therefore I am. This is my story and I'm sticking to it.

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Bar Sketches: A Push. 100A

Bars are the best place to sketch. The energy is music.

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The Play Next Door: Chair Series

So, our studio resides in a large building with offices, an outlooking rooftop, a gallery, and so much more. We are located in a block of the building that is dedicated to artists and art related work. Because of this, our neighbors are creatives as […]

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UDC Hooding Ceremony – A Park Triangle Production

Last week we did a “family style” shoot and streaming at the UDC Law School’s 2022 hooding ceremony. Several things went awry at the worst possible time and I almost broke down trying to put things back together again. The plan was to stream the […]

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Painting Boards in the Wildest of Styles

I don’t know what I’m doing now and this is a good thing. When I delved into fine art in the mid nineties I had a ton of ideas on what I would paint or draw. I had drawn mostly from other Black artists and […]

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NYU and Columbia Trip with Truth

I decided to drive my daughter Truth and her close friend Kevin to New York to visit NYU and Columbia University yesterday. The pair both are in the same early college program at George Washington so they are pretty serious about the possibilities of attending […]

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Being Extra on Zoom

This quarantine has transformed the way we have meetings and I’m not sure I like it… completely. I do like having the ability to stage shots and play with lighting a little. That’s more of a performance than actually connecting with people, shaking hands and […]

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Dr. Ruby Gourdine – Memorial (Howard University)

The Howard University School of Social Work family honors the life of Dr. Ruby Gourdine, long-time faculty member, beloved professor, and social work pioneer. Dr. Ruby M. Gourdine was a professor of social work and National Association of Social Work Pioneer. Dr. Gourdine was an […]

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SOI Sibling Engagement

Our most special client is Special Olympics. Every project we’ve worked on with them has allowed us to grow more in understanding how important inclusion is. We just finished a project about siblings of Special Olympics athletes. We put together an array of content from […]

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Black Book: The Humanoid Void

Here’s a set of drawings I made using my acrylic paint parkers in a black paper notebook. I’m feeling the dramatic effect of the colors fighting against the thirsty black pages. These humanoid forms I will visit for some time. Not sure what I’ll do […]

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Mom and Daughter – The Elevator Ride Up

Truth and Erica decided to stop for a couple selfies on their way up to the studio. Erica’s hair is in twists which has been a recent go to style for her. I love ’em. Truth’s got her signature style going with the afro. Of […]

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