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I decided to drive my daughter Truth and her close friend Kevin to New York to visit NYU and Columbia University yesterday. The pair both are in the same early college program at George Washington so they are pretty serious about the possibilities of attending a university some ways away from home.

We made it a day trip to save from a hotel expense which was pretty doable. It would have been an easier trip if they went to sleep and let me sleep but instead they stayed up talking and laughing so I didn’t get a great rest before our 5:30 AM drive but we made it anyways. When we got in, we had a lot of time to kill so we stopped in this cool coffee shop near NYU to get our bearings and plot our directional objectives.

We took a few detours to see a few places. The kids looked through the vintage stores since NYC is full of them and we even made it over to Union Square which is where I used to hang out back when I went to the New York Film Academy. They went into their tour finally and I wrote a bit while in another small coffee shop close by.

We took the train then to go to Columbia. I hung out once more at a cafe, writing ideas and simply loving being in New York City. When the day of school visits was done we went out to eat dinner at this American fair restaurant that happened to be near the garage where we had parked the car. I had this sense to go outside and wait before going to the restroom. I felt like I was gonna see someone I should see.After a couple minutes I felt something then looked to the right and there was that person. It was my man Christylez.

It was so strange how we had seen him just at the perfect time before we would leave for DC on the most obscure street to just be passing by on. He was heading to a hat store he had found online. He didn’t make it in time, but we talked for a few minutes and he walked with us to our car. He was up there for a week for a show that had been canceled. He decided to stay at the accommodations and make it a week of exploration and creativity. I felt like I was drawing him in. He was staying in Harlem, some ways away. The coincidence is something worth exploring.

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