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This quarantine has transformed the way we have meetings and I’m not sure I like it… completely. I do like having the ability to stage shots and play with lighting a little. That’s more of a performance than actually connecting with people, shaking hands and “rubbing shoulders”.

This meeting was one of the most important meetings we’ve had to date, so I felt like I had to put on the sauce a little bit. Not to confuse the client, but just to visually represent what we are as a communications team. A cinema camera, prime lens, some LEDs (some with RGB capabilities) and an overhead super-cardoid mic.

Below are some of the stills from one of our “dramatically shot” Zoom (this is the actual Zoom camera that they see).

I had a camera set up in the back. It lets the client know that we’re the real deal.. or that we were super-corny. They probably could already tell though from the absurdly high quality image of our Zoom camera streaming through the Blackmagic Web Presenter 4K.
In this image, I guess she’s adjusting her hair behind her ear.
Also, the one where I am speaking, I think Erica is fully monitoring what I’m saying. As usual.

In the end, we didn’t have the success we would have liked, but we’re off to contemplate. We live another day to Zoom. The next meeting is scheduled next week. I think I’ll too busy for that meeting. I believe I’m the problem. I have the polish of sandpaper.


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