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My wife Erica’s father Marty and his longtime close friend Will travelled to the National Harbor earlier today for a funeral. Before leaving, they came by to check out the studio and we all sat and talked for a while. We had some pretty good conversation and we took them up to the rooftop to check out our view.

A genuine laugh in this one. Erica’s dad likes cracking jokes…I think we share that quality.

Spending time with either of Erica’s parents is easy confirmation of what special people they are what a great job they did in raising Erica. I know calling it a job makes it sound like a chore, but I guess as organic as love should be, parental love does take some order. I’ve never been any good at the order stuff… but the organic stuff is the stuff I’m made of.

They balanced order and love perfectly. Erica could have been a wild child like me. We seem to be made of similar stuff. The stuff of stars. The dust of some spectacular space-rock. I don’t know. I always feel like we’re seeing each other in such reflective ways.


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