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This is an old art piece that I found a while ago in storage. Since my finding it I have gotten more interested in painting again but really learning how to do it using technique and making my work unique. Over the time from me finding this to now, I have worked on it little by little to bring some new elements of my artistic style into it. One piece on it-the small cutout of an artwork done on paper- actually was part of my methodology in a series I did with my daughter Truth called “Then One Foggy Christmas Eve”.

This was never my original intention with this piece. I think it was my last “fine art” piece before I took my serious break and moved into the digital realm. It hung framed on a wall in my first studio from 2005-2013. Then somewhere obscured by cobwebs in the basement. I brought it to the new studio in 2021 and worked on it over a period of a month. Doing small things here and there and calling it a wrap.

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