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I had ordered a few felt-tip ink pens and wasn’t sure where I’d start, in terms of a piece. I scratched around on paper like I would have with traditional ballpoint pens, but nothing spoke to me. I had to learn how to use these tight-width markers almost like brushes, not ballpoints.

I was resting in my bunk and arose with an idea. I got down and started to sketch out something with a pencil. I had recently read a barrage of books about Egyptology and various West African civilizations, and that was a motivating force for a few of the pieces I had done prior to starting this one.

I think it only took me a week to complete. I rarely feel satisfied with any of my artwork, but this one kinda felt perfect. I sent it home to my mother and she framed it immediately (and sent a picture of it framed). Everyone that saw it wanted a copy, so years later I went to a professional printmaker and did a limited edition of 250 prints. there are still many left. Lemme know if you want to buy one.

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