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I remember holding him in my arms like it was yesterday. The way space and time forms in our mind is such a phenomenon. When I hear his voice, even though I know it’s kinda deep these days, it sounds like a symphony of all the pitches and octaves from the time he could speak until now. Your children are always your children, no matter how old they get.

Excel with his sister Truth.

He is quite unique. While we casually say that about most of our children, I write that in a way one might say or write about a person from say, 1915. Back when expressions may have been less prone to hyperbole. He is unique in that, what you see, is what is what you get… and you get the warmest of souls.

Excel with his friend CJ.

There are times when he arrives in a room and my heart melts. He’s such a plain fellow, that cares not what he wears or what people might think of him. This is not because of arrogance, more-so derived from the honest nature in which he approaches the world. He is genuine and gentle. I don’t know how this is possible in a world full of conflict and dissatisfaction.

My parents and Excel.

With that, graduation from high school was such a big deal. It was not only a big deal for the entire family, it was a milestone he could find tremendous pride in. He’s a hands on visual thinker, so he had serious struggles with math. However, he is endowed with an articulate voice and an imagination that tickles anyones soul if they cared to listen to his ideas. He is truly unique and he has graduated from high school.

A proud father.

We all believe the future is bright for this bright young man. Bright: he is super lightskined too, lol. It may not be a traditional path but he is working hard on finding his independence and fulfillment with the things that make him happy. He enjoys reading fictional stories of heroes, writing those very stories as well, and acting. He will be attending Montgomery College in the Fall and working with our family media company.

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