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I can’t remember what book I read or what conversation spawned this triptych, but it happened. I wasn’t around during the Civil Rights Era but its reverberations were felt when i was a child (fist with the red background). I interpret it as serious, where the stakes were high. People were killed in that struggle and many were ready to die for the simplest of freedoms.

I lived in the era of Public Enemy, KRS-ONE and a plethora of Hip-Hop artists pushing Black pride and Black Power (middle fist). While we were still struggling for a broader equality, the “War on Drugs” was the backdrop.

Then we get to the age of the internet and things get a little interesting (last fist with blue background). While it seems like a critique, I’m not sure if it was my interpretation. Twitter wasn’t around when i made this series, but I think it’s fitting. I now realize I should have made the last fist light skinned as well.

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