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Digging around the basement, I discovered this pen & ink I did in 1995. I was working on a series of pieces since discovering new methods of stippling with the pen. A lot of it was reflective and critical of the times. I was in prison when I did this and used my friend “D-Mack” from Philly as the human model (I wonder where he is these days).

I named the piece, “Breakthrough”. I think the piece has since been destroyed by water damage. Such is life and an ever-changing storage dilemma.

Also on the desk is a remote-controlled helicopter and a Sony Playstation remote. I don’t play games, but using it as a Blu-ray player was the best. I watched “Synecdoche New York” about 30 times at this point and owned the Blu-ray. While I think the movie is the best movie ever made, it is quite depressing. The helicopter didn’t do much for my drone game later in life, but it was a lot of fun when I felt distracted or it created a distraction (some things have a directionally issues).

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