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Struggling with trying to shift my business from predominantly web and graphic design to video, I needed a creative project that would challenge my skills and take me to the next level. I had become friends with the creative duo, the Hueman Prophets.

They had been recording some tracks on their latest mix-tape project at my studio so we had discussed doing a music video for a single they wanted to promote. Baye Harrell (Straightforward) was heavily involved to the conceptualization of the video and wanted a “Children’s Television Workshop” look, modeling the video after Seasame Street and other children’s show from PBS.

This video included green screen and animation I hadn’t done before. We filmed the green screen material at an actual studio housed in the the DC Television Studio complex in NW, DC. We also filmed some extra elements at the Black Luv Festival. While it was worth it, the amount of time I had to dedicate to the project nearly took me under financially. I learned a ton of valuable lessons from this project including… don’t bite off more than you can chew.

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