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For a time, we have been staying in some airbnbs around D.C. in hopes to start renovating our house in near Fort Totten. We have not yet started on that process which is disappointing however we have taken the opportunity to use some of these new set ups to get Truth started in content creation for her creative journey. In an airbnb in Navy Yard, we did a full production with a couple of song covers she wanted to do. We had her do outfit changes for each song.

I added in some B-Roll to liven up the video and test out some ideas to incorporate in our later creative projects with Truth. We had a full set up where I used my Blackmagic 4k switcher and two cameras, one on my slider, for separate angles. I also used a freshly steamed cup of tea as a prop. The whole production was dope since we went all out on it. I invited some friends to come chill and watch the whole thing.

One song she picked to sing was In My Place by Coldplay. Coldplay is and has always been a family favorite in terms of music. We have been listening to them for the longest so she grew up with Coldplay. This most definitely influenced her choice to sing this one and Erica and I enjoyed this cover a bunch.

During the production we recorded Truth singing a Billie Eilish song that she likes. The song is called idontwannabeyouanymore.

One of the songs she wanted to sing was Fire To The Rain by Adele which she and Erica used to blast in the car. This one didn’t take too many takes because she did great on her first try.

Towards the end, Erica had one request for Truth to sing a gospel song while we had the equipment out to send to her mother, Pastor Joan Prentice, to use during her church services. Joan always hits up Erica and Truth about wanting to hear more of their singing so they did a quick duet of Pat Barrett’s song Build My Life.

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