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My daughter Truth had her sweet sixteen last night at our studio. We rented out one of the spaces upstairs that belongs to a photographer who originally rented out the space we are in now. We went all out for this one since it was her sixteenth and her first birthday after quarantine. I made a flyer for her to send out to her friends and asked that she make it big and invite as many as she liked. We catered some sushi and some pizza, put together some other basic snacks and drinks for all of the guests, and of course had some birthday cake and ice cream. We turned the upstairs space into a chill area with a backdrop we painted earlier in the day for photos (which to my disappointment, no one really used). Our space turned into a chill spot for the adults to hangout and talk a while the youngins were doing their thing. Erica’s mother came down from Pittsburgh to celebrate with us and a couple other family members joined in on the fun. It turned out pretty nice and Truth and her friends all said that they enjoyed themselves. It was interesting to see all of Truth’s friends together and meet so many of them for the first time.

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