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Tonight, Truth came into the studio while me and Christylez were conversatin’ after a superb dinner at Busboys and Poets. Because Christylez is a musician he often asks Truth about her progress on the guitar when we bring her up in conversation. The two sat together for a little music talk. She played a couple things for him and he showed her some new stuff.

They even jammed together for a bit where Chris started to beatbox while she played. I sat off to the side in awe of their understanding of music and fluid dialogue on what it means. I need to learn some music theory at some point so that I don’t feel like such an idiot during these times. While I may not know precisely what they are talking about, the math of the conversation makes sense in its poetry.

I did however start to rhyme at some point and I hope that I find the video evidence of it. It’s somewhere floating on a hard drive. Next time.

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