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I can’t call this the first shoot here at the new studio (we did a green-screen shoot with a DC artist for a project a couple days before), but it is Erica’s inaugural green-screen, praise-and-worship recording for online church services. We have recorded them at home, either with our natural home as a backdrop (boring) or this white brick backdrop I found on Amazon. Now we’re doing it big-time with the green screen in the back… so the backdrops are limitless.

What it looks like in the camera.

Erica has been prerecording her praise and worship segments and sending them to her mother, Pastor Joan Prentice and for the worship service online at Erica’s home church in Maryland. The pandemic has multiplied the already isolated sense of our growing digital world, and the way one worships is not immune to these changes.

Behind the scenes.

Maybe we can do these a little better and bill for these recordings… two-camera deals on the visuals… integrated 3-d backgrounds… record and mix the audio more professionally and start a new “business”! Okay, enough of this capitalist approach to something that is supposed to be beyond the trappings of income.

I have Truth holding down the production, while I edit.

All I know is, I get a good feeling when I support Erica in the things that are most important to her. Trying to give her praise and worship segments a professional touch is the least I can do. I mean we have a studio now… why not? It’s what we do.

The end result of the green-screen.

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