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It’s only been a short while since my first post on the new space, but I thought it be nice to document the transformation and frivolous happenings in the space as it evolves rather quickly. While still in what I term, Phase One, these changes will be considerable as I transform the space around me.

it looks like a scattered mess, but let’s see what happens.

I’ve been ordering furniture and books from Amazon, production equipment from B&H and decorations and artifacts from Etsy. Another few weeks and thousands of dollars later I think I can consider Phase One complete. But I am afraid of not actually ever being done.

This will be a producer’s space to come in and work.

Looks like there will be an official “edit bay”, an “animation station”, an art section with a drafting table (thinking around bringing an easel in as well), a dedicated desk for a producer and an executive space. Also, a multipurpose open space for production, meetings and when we’re not doing anything important… a stage for my antics… centered for all to see.

I put my writing trophy on the water dispenser, so when you sip you get hip.

While this whole thing will be a distraction for the first few months, I’m hoping that it quickly develops into a space where my distracted nature will find various homes in which my attention can resettle and I can be truly productive for at least 6 hours in a day. 10 would be ideal, but that might only happen once a month or so.

Brought this cage down to size.

As furniture and various pieces trickle in, I’ll make better sense of what I’m trying to achieve here. If something sits for a while and looks like it needs some enhancement… I’ll pull out my paint markers and add my “string theory” markings to it. The big old threatening steel cage bothered me when the previous occupant bestowed it upon me. I don’t like threatening and overly “secure” appearing things. They make me uncomfortable with their attempt to project toughness. I had to “soften” it up with a little extended string theory marking and other free flowing expressions.

It needs some serious adjustments, but so far, so good.

I know a “green wall” is a bit much, but I thought it would be a cool way to break up all the blandness to the white wall strategy, diffuse sound a little an also serve as a different backdrop for an on-camera streaming segment or selfie.

Truth drew a frog riding a bike and I went off marking all around it. Competition.

The whiteboard is going to be a place where ideas are born and time is wasted. I’m hoping to capture most of what we do on this thing in pictures. While it ephemeral in nature, who knows what will come from this medium. I’ve always loved whiteboards. I’d go places and draw all over them and leave them there for other people to discover.

A little drafting table for whoever I need to get serious on a visual.
Collectibles on a pedestal.

As I move back into drawing, painting, collaging and manipulating material in the name of fine art, I have a drafting desk. Nothing fancy, but I hope to make some fancy shit along the way and possibly call myself and artist again.

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