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In 2000, I was working around the clock. A “day job” to not only pay the bills, but also frame my artwork. Framing artwork is expensive and getting some free materials was part of the plan. If I had an idea, I just did it… or at least started it. I was enjoying the tedious process of using the tiny felt pens to stipple so I have quite a few of these around somewhere. Not sure I’ll ever go back to these type of pieces, but I’m sure I’ll use the techniques again at some point.

I was thinking about The Year 2000 in doing this piece, and the impending doom the world expected to happen. Even though I started working on this in 1999, I finally laid the last dot in early 2000. Nothing significant happened. The world moved on. But 2020 was so crazy, maybe it was the start of the ending.

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