Spent a little time with my Blackmagic Pocket 4K Camera and a Canon 100mm Macro lens capturing insects nearby. Nothing special. Just messing around. However, this was all done handheld with a camera that has no internal stabilizer. Sometimes I have to just get out and about and film whatever I find. There’s useless footage all over the terabytes of digitized space looking for a purpose beyond being zeros-and-ones.

I used to joke (not really), defending my compulsive shooting as a way to prove I am here… alive and kicking. I write that because, sometimes I doubt it. I know the whole, Cogito, ergo sum (RenĂ© Descartes: I think, therefore I am) dictum is what I always tell myself, but there are times I’m unsure. Creativity is my potentially perceptual evidence that it should be true. That is, as long as someone peeps my work.

I used a Myke P track to back it up.

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