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This was the documentary that made me think, I could really do “this.” Armed with my DVX-100, the first 24p prosumer DV camera, I spent several months documenting the world of the burgeoning artist, Christon “Christylez” Bacon. It was the start of collaborative relationship that has endured and blossomed into a friendship that I value beyond words.

When I first met him, in 2003, he was performing along side his mentor, Bomani Armah and I was blown away. His wordplay and stage presence was masterful and his charm lit up the crowd. I asked myself later that year, who would I do a documentary on if I could right then and the very first and only person that came to mind, was Christylez.

When I find the documentary, I’ll post it. I’ll add more to this post and tell the full story in due time.

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