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Getting back to my notebook groove: as a child this is what I would do in class while the teacher sounded like Charlie Brown’s parents (wah-wah-wah). This is a fundamental part of gemalism, I believe. It’s somewhat useless, if you just throw away the notebooks and move on, as I used to do. I’m trying to pay more attention to these mental-material meanderings, holding on to the good ideas to possibly ponder further. Who knows, a project can be born and it has. It’s where I get my story ideas from.

This is written within the sketch:


Gravity is the force by which a planet or other body draws objects towards its center

There’s an infinite amount of time and no time at all from the time he jumps to when he hits the ground (glass of water). The force of gravity keeps all planets in orbit around the sun.

Who the hell doesn’t ponder the aspects of gravity, mass and time? From time-to-time, so to speak/write. In my imagination, there is a key to manipulating those aspects of “what is” by knowing “what they are”… like we could quickly collapse space by understanding it. We could “defy gravity” by simply knowing the illusions or “tricks” of the system and then possibly levitate. They all seem but relativistic illusions. While I’m not gonna jump off a building and attempt to fold my mass into a small enough space to gracefully land in a glass of water, somehow it seems like it could be done.

I’m 99.99999…% space. Why can’t I operate within this truth and go through walls? I know I’m a whole heap of agitated molecules (The human body creates more heat per cubic meter than that of the sun) but can I slow them bamas down and go through a wall? That’s not too much to ask of the master-programmer, right? Or consider the halving of time between events, continuously being halved… can moments last “forever”? How far can the mind break up time?

Our hearts function not just in the biological purpose of pumping blood, it’s also our internal metronome. It’s our rhythm in doing or considering things. We seem to be sadly bound to our internal metronome. Bird’s hearts beat many times faster than humans, so they are capable of making adjustments in a 100th of a second. Their metronome “splits up time” more than we are capable of.

I’m veering way off course, kinda like my notebook/sketchbook scribbling. So with that, I’m out!

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