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This was a painting I began when I touched-down back in Pittsburgh in 1997. It took a few months to complete, as I was distracted by a job and trying to figure out what the grand scheme of my creative life would look like. I’d come home to my apartment, and look over at the 4-foot tall canvas slowly taking form, but was often so overwhelmed by life, I’d have to promise to work on it “tomorrow.”

I have a love affair with basketball. Perhaps more of an obsession. I’ve never really been good at the prized sport while growing up. I’d struggle at Park Playground just to get picked. There were many times, I’d just be on the sidelines watching everyone else indulge.

I made it one of my life’s mission to have some competency in basketball, and after four decades of playing, I’d have to say, I’m better now than I ever was, even in my old age.

Nonetheless, I finally sold this painting to a close friend. I’m hoping that in getting rid of this work, It’ll push me to travel back the road of painting, drawing, and perhaps some three dimensional work as well. I’ve already mapped out a new series of pieces. Let’s see how how the brushes roll.

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