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I love working on commercial projects for the National Education Association (NEA). Not only do I believe that public eduction is of utmost importance in a civilized society (and those that aren’t so they have a chance to become one), I also enjoy working with such a competent client that makes projects interesting and fun. This was no exception.

With COVID-19 turning the production world on its head, we had to see this particular project differently. We had to incorporate the reality of a pandemic world, the safety necessary to pull it off and still deliver a message that worked.

The first difficulty was filming an overhead view of Black Lives Matter Plaza. With drone use being out of the question, I had to be innovative with the approach. I purchased Segway to incorporate some fluid movement in the shooting earlier, but then the idea hit me and I was off on a very early morning trip to the site.

I had a DJI Pocket OSMO mounted on a 16ft boom pole and monitored it on my iPhone, mounted to the base of the pole. I carefully traveled as best I could, right up the middle of the plaza. The road wasn’t very smooth, and there were concrete barriers between each street crossing. The edit would then have to create a sense of seeing all the words because the whole thing is a few blocks long. Keep in mind, I had only a shot while to learn how to balance my body on the Segway while also managing a 16-foot pole.

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