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I learned about Art Enables from a video profile I did on the organization for the DC Commission of the Arts and Humanities in 2009. I fell in love with the organization and the artists that work through its studio. I decided in 2011 to do my own profile via my web series, The Angle.

The Angle profiles a number unique people and organizations, so Art Enables was a perfect fit to profile. Looking forward to revamping the series in 2021 and perhaps revisiting Art Enables for another profile. This is a place and story worth revisiting.

When we think about our fellow citizens from across the many spectrums of skills, abilities and perspectives, we must approach our understanding with an open heart and mind. Many times, what people perceive as deficits actually opens a whole world of other possibilities in fascinating realms of human potential. These artists are truly incredible creatives that are worthy of recognition, investment and love.

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