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I began writing this short script about 13 years prior to actually creating what I called a first draft. This has been a difficult script to write mostly because of life pulling me in many directions… along with writing 20 other scripts that were more pressing. But when I finally hunkered down in 2019 to wrap up a first draft, it didn’t take much time.

I had considered all the things I learned from the time I toyed with the first ramblings of this story concept. I came up with it while at a restaurant with actors and crew from another project I was working on. The crew seemed to find it mildly humorous, so I wrote the idea on napkin, then types it out in a word document.

Years after the TV and big screen created obscure anti-heroes, I had this script idea and few others that straddled the line of super-powers and simply ways of seeing perceivably unique ways of processing the world around us. I plan on shooting this in the spring of 2021. I just need to put together a serious team (and cast) to make it happen.

It has been accepted in a few screenplay contests. It hasn’t taken the honors of a win, but who knows. Perhaps a second draft can make it a greater possibility. I know I have to revisit it particular after a year of research and rekindling with quantum mechanics.

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