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I joined Facebook in 2008 and had no idea exactly how I should use it. I didn’t get comfortable with it until 2009 and I would post everything. I think all old-heads go through this phase, posting plates of food, when they woke up, weather updates, etc. I guess having “the world” know about your every move is tantamount to being super important.

Well I was I certainly went to the extreme posting my every thought. Any idea, joke or flashback that came to mind, I’d just post it. One particular sundject that drew a lot of attention was the conversations with my kids as I drove them to and from school. Most conversations happened coming home from school because in mornings, no one wanted to say anything. The eyes and mouth could barely open.

After awhile, people thought I should do some kind of reality show, or condense the conversations somehow, because there’d be a audience for that content. That 2009-2010 school year was the last year Truth and Excel would be at the same school again, as Excel was moving on to middle school and would be in high school by the time Truth hit middle school. It was kinda sad.

I kept telling them that we should do a little “concept skit” about our conversations during that time and someone suggested an animated series. So we decided in 2012, we’d do it. Time rolled by and in 2014, we had a meeting about the project. We sat around the dining room table and wrote out some of the more poignant conversations. It was there we gave it a title: The Ride Home.

We all had a hand in scripting these conversations which ended up being loosely around 40 conversations in our first draft. We narrowed those down to twenty-five and recorded this scripts in the basement around March of 2014. I had planned on further collaboration with the kids to animate the conversations but as usual, business can stand in the way of creative projects.

We wrote a theme song together and here’s our on camera attempt to perform it.

I did some production on the music with Truth’s help, and we recorded our parts at the office in September of 2019. Below is what we came up with post mixing.

When can we expect the extremely late final product? I’m not sure. I think we could reasonably have a launch date of May 2021. Check back and see.

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