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Checkinh the shot. Big shout to Eric Lewis.

I’ve been working on a concept for a new web-based series over the past couple years, usually writing and collecting quirky stories, awkward situations and random sets of dialogue. I did all this with hopes that I’d gather a group of talented and dedicated actors to help pull it off.

After sitting on the project for those couple of years, having several meetings with my usual set of collaborators, on impulse, I posted on Facebook one Thursday that I’d like to shoot some short scripted ideas that coming Sunday. I invited any of my actor friends to join me if interested and to inbox me interests and availability. The response was promising, so I decided to do it. COVID-19 was a growing concern and we actually filmed it a few weeks before the shutdown in DC. 

I scrambled to put a small crew together (mostly family) and make sure all the actors that responded could participate. I had written a script, tentatively titled, “Con Job” about a the difficulty and talking about one’s conviction when looking for a job, something I understood too well. I had a slew of other script ideas, but I inly scheduled about four hours to pull everything off, so I had to make some choices.

The actor I had in mind for the “Con Job” skit was unavailable to film. I sent an invitation via email, waited for a response and never tried to recast it. The night before the shoot, he responded he was committed to another project filming that Sunday, so that was a downer. I was desperate to film it… so I decided to do it myself. Below is the end result…

I’ve always recognized the “war on drugs” as a lopsided tool of enforcement that decimated Black communities, and have written many scripts about the issue. Below is a short I had been dying to film for years. I actually cast a previously incarcerated friend of mine, Tariq to play the Black character in the script. he hadn’t any acting experience, but I knew he could pull it off.

Erica wrote a script as well, actually the day before. This one was acted by one of my favorite actors to work with, Victoria Woodbury. the ned result is below.

Once the world opens up a little, we’ll be back at it to make this thing official. I have some scripts ready to go and a space to film them in. Look out for an official launch in Summer 2021.


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