The struggle most of us face during this pandemic is losing the freedom to be anywhere other than one’s home (if one is fortunate to have one). We are a family that is more often everywhere else except home, so we struggle to sit still and stare at the walls for a long period of time. But we have managed to find another way to be out and about, without really being somewhere specific: riding our bikes.

On this outing, I brought my Blackmagic Pocket 4K Camera, and encouraged the kids to work the camera. It’s a month into the shutdown and it feels like we’re in some kind of postapocalyptic movie, where a deadly virus that threatens to… never mind.

We started to ride our bikes on the various trails in Maryland, where there are several points of entry a mile from our home. With the camera, I hope they’d capture the world around them, and also how they felt inside when dealing with the pandemic of 2020.

Truth behind the lens filming Excel.

Getting away from the lure of television can help, because every station spews depressing statistical data and heart wrenching personal stories of loss and torment from a virus we seem to know very little about. We don’t know how long this thing will last, but in the meantime, riding bikes is the best way we know of to help chase away cabin fever.

Took a flick of Truth next to the creek.

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