The film won four festival honors during its festival run.

It’s been nine years since I released Close Ties: Tying on a New Tradition and just this year one half of the duo profiled in the doc, Wilbur “Chill” Wilson has passed away from pancreatic cancer. He wasn’t given much time to live by the end of 2019, so WDSU, an NBC affiliate in New Orleans, re-aired the documentary before his passing. Andre Perry, the other half of the documentary-duo and I recorded a message to Chill, his family and New Orleans, that played before the doc aired.

Chill was loved in New Orleans. After the devastation that Katrina brought on the city, he would continue to cut hair, out in the streets, usually helping out those who couldn’t afford a haircut. Chill garnered national attention because of his tenacity to stick around and rebuild.

He established his barbershop, “Chill’s” and people from all walks of life came through to get a cut and have a warm experience. He and his staff kept things classy, with a full grooming experience in a charming atmosphere. The times I’ve gone into the shop, the conversations were always intriguing and I seemed to learn something new – much like the barber shop I grew up going to in my hometown.

Below is the short version of the documentary.

I’m getting the right angle on it.

We put together a few promotional videos accompany the documentary, like the one below on how to tie and tie. The Documentary played several times on NBC in New Orleans and had syndication on the network, Soul of the South.

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