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This was the first music project I’d executive produce. Which simply meant, I’d make sure the resources were there to make it happen, from start to finish. I didn’t contribute to the musical side in any way. I did however, do the photography and design of the CD layout, which was a cool experience. I wish I could have done the music video I planned on doing for the Indecisive track. Sadly, life got way in the way of that.

Stylez is so outside the box… pick a box, he’s peepin’ it from over there. That’s why I dig my brother-in-creativity. I’m honored that he trusted me with the vision and allowed me to help finance and host the recording studio for his recording sessions. Bomani Armah and Myke Pollard provided the co-producing on the sonic side. It was a collaboration made in heaven… or Uptown DC.

I still listen to this timeless District classic. It’s truly one of my favorite CDs to date. It’s playable all the way through with some delightful collaborations, from Komplex to Bomani and a thriller from Earn (Ever) that cracks me up every time on the George Bush quote.

There are copies still available on Amazon and you can stream it as well on all the well established streaming services. Check it out

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