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I spent a few years working on covering Christylez Bacon’s Washington Sound Museum: Hip Hop Meets the Music of Brazil. The project was funded in part through the Sister Cities Grant with the DC Commission of the Arts and Humanities.

Chris had been working on a series of collaborative concerts for several years and it had garnered quite a bit of attention and fanfare around the DMV. The Washington Sound Museum had been welcomed to stages small and large and he wanted to do some serious documentation and actually travel abroad to collaborate with other performers on their turf.

We traveled to Brasília, Brazil with a native Brazilian musician, Cissa Paz, that happened to live in the DMV. She connected Chris to a master harmonica player, Pablo Fagundes and while there, they all performed with a host of other local musicians at several venues with a culminating concert at local music center.

We launched the film in 2017, got accepted to several festivals in DC and Brazil. We picked up an award at the DC Black Film Festival in 2017 for Best DC Film. Check back in a couple weeks to watch the film here on this page.

Below is an edited segment I did for my web series, The Angle from the footage in Brasília, Brazil.

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