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Erica was “jumping ship” from the nine-to-five (seven-to-seven) at the World Wildlife Fund and joining me on this crazy boat we call Park Triangle Productions. She needed a headshot and some basic photos so folks would know who the new person in the company was. Not like we had a large staff or anything. It was pretty much myself and whatever fool hearted intern or assistant that joined me for a short while.

Our offices were down in Penn Quarter in the IOOF building. We had access to a large open area we could easily shoot in on weekends or other off-times throughout the week. I’m not a skilled photographer (I have no idea how to use a flash) but I can do some reasonable image making when need be.

I had to use my continuous lights and exercise a healthy bit of post to make the images look as if I knew what i was doing. I swear, before the century is up, I will learn flash-photography. So far, I think I’ve been winging it on all the digital creative realms I dance in.

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