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Couple walking to the Women’s March starting place.

I was stunned that Donald Trump won the election. I couldn’t believe it. It felt like a nightmare. I could only imagine what was about to happen especially after a surreal win with just the same disbelief when Barack Obama won. America really elected a Black president? But juxtapose that with America electing what I saw as a truly ridiculous human being.

Now mind you, I don’t see Trump as the terrible person in the traditional sense of a villain. I’ve grown to recognize Trump as a bit of an idiot savant: a hard to identify being on the spectrum, with the ability to spin most everyone around him in some kind of way. With that, I was still perplexed he made it to the presidency.

Enough of that. I’ll get into those sentiments in detail later. There was march in response to his getting elected president. Women from around the country, from all walks of life (some I suspect voted for Trump) arrived in DC to participate in a march for women’s rights. It was an impressive gathering of activists and people wanting to voice their concerns for the newly elected, self proclaimed “pussy grabber.”

I ventured out from my office right on 7th street, a few blocks from the secure entry point to join the march and rally. Here are some of my photos.

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