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When I first moved to the area in 1999, I was living in Mt. Rainer, Maryland with Erica. We had a two bedroom apartment, where one bedroom was an actual bedroom, and the other of equal size served as a studio. I was still painting and drawing, and figuring out the digital realm. I felt comfortable there. A drafting table, an aluminum easel I could throw up quickly, a computer with a scanner and printer, a small desk and some shelving.

Nonetheless, my artwork was everywhere. It moved beyond that small studio space and at times blocked the way into the kitchen. In the photo below, is a picture of a mural I was working on for the University of Maryland. It was a three panel painting titled, “Diversity in Adversity leads to…” something or another. I have to look it up. It feels like a lifetime ago.

Below is the conceptual sketch that got me the commission. It was a competition of sorts. I was more in love with the sketch as I thought the mural missed the raw and more motion filled spirit of the sketch.

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