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I was in New Orleans for a week working on a set of interviews for a project at Loyola University… while simultaneously working on my web series, The Angle, when I met a fascinating gentleman. Peter Scharf was a nonstop train of ideas and insights for the thirty minutes I spent with him, talking about the work he was doing in New Orleans around crime. I was able to create a couple short videos for my series and hand over the audio transcripts for the project at Loyola. I believe he was a professor at Tulane University which is right next to Loyola University.

He was invited by the client so I had no foreknowledge about who he was and what he knew. I hope there’s a future opportunity to interview or work with him. His ramblings are so intriguing. I have questions.

I did my typical “Angle” treatment by incorporating various angle’s and details and adding some simple illustration/animation and a black-and-white treatment.

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