DC’s own hip hop theater duo Hueman Prophets 
(Baye Harrell and Jabari Exum) team up with director 
Psalmayene 24 to re-envision their story of a 
white-collar author struggling to write a book about a 
blue-collar ex-con. Through hypnotic rhythyms, the
play raises a lingering point about the disconnect within 
social classes and the apprehension that lies within
bridging those gaps.

The Human Prophets had a small budget to create a promotional video. Baye stopped by to ideate and a few things came to mind when learning more about the pith of the play. I wanted to create a “heartbeat” to drive the short piece, so making a a looping set of sounds with accompanying visuals I thought would do the trick: snapping of pen , opening of newspaper, and tapping of the boots. We shot this in a couple hours and I finished it for the next day.

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