New Art – Milk Cartons – Untitled

I realize that I’m happiest when I’m creating in 360 degrees of my interests and talents. I’ve backed away from so called, “fine art” pursuits for the last 10 years for a number of reasons and my happiness has waned. My focus on the “moving image”, in simpler terms, video, has pushed all of my financial resources and creative energy towards it—and running a business to finance it. After 10 years, I feel a widening hollow spot in my soul. My balance has tilted towards the “immediate” which means an augmented preoccupation with survival. The business of the video is magical but the actual expense to make it can bring you down—including your credit.

I’ve let go of quite a bit this year—from a set of cameras to a building that housed my business, so it’s time to pick some things up. The business is still intact. It’s just morphing into what I envisioned it to be many years ago.

This new piece will be part of a series—mixed media but tightly themed. I’m keeping the pith of this work under wraps for the time being, but I do need lots of milk cartons (skim to whole, it doesn’t matter). So if you’re nearby, drink milk and love me…save me a carton or two (or 100) and I’ll pick them up.