Iron Mal is Back in the Lab

It’s time to build a new suit and a creative strategy. I’ve decided to use a bit of time in isolation of sorts to make this possible. I’m figuring that the bulk of this work should be completed by May and sometime around then, I shall emerge…with new projects…new ideas and a better plan. After spending 6 months walking circles around my new creative space and hoping that a meteor laced with some “inspirational isotope” would land on my abode…I now realize that I must just DO. I must use all the lessons of 2013 and do something radical.

I’m grateful for the support of a wonderful family, close circle of friends and creative cohorts. I hope to engage the talents of past collaborators and add some new ones as well. Look out for season two of The Angle, season two of No Strings, Please, a new web series, We Have Killed, an animated series, The Ride Home…some new Art, Photography and scripts as well. I’ve got lots of shit to do.

The time is now. My arc reactor is fully charged and ready to go!