Category: Prison

Mother Earth: Pen & Ink (1996)

I had ordered a few felt-tip ink pens and wasn’t sure where I’d start, in terms of a piece. I scratched around on paper like I would have with traditional ballpoint pens, but nothing spoke to me. I had to learn how to use these […]

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Still Ouchere: 25 Years Later (12/2020)

Late 2020, I reconnected with Chris and Tee from the now defunct Whitepost prison complex. We all left in the mid to late nineties, looking back at our experience as a time for self-reflection and growth. I hadn’t seen Tee in a minute, but Chris […]

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Colored Pencil on Paper: Inner City Red, White, and Blues (1996)

It was 1996 and I was in prison working diligently with my assortment of colored-pencils I purchased online through Dick-Blick. Some of my work was a critique of my life and the immediate world around me. America is a violent country, but I found the […]

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