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My Desk: Winter,Client Edit (12/2013)

The basement became my studio after I left my Illinois Avenue spot. These were some interesting times as I garnered a very important client that was a bit out of my reach prior to. As we can see, some clutter but relatively neat, I must […]

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My Desk (1/10/2014)

Digging around the basement, I discovered this pen & ink I did in 1995. I was working on a series of pieces since discovering new methods of stippling with the pen. A lot of it was reflective and critical of the times. I was in […]

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My Desk: A Real Mess (5/2011)

I was everywhere during this period – as if my life can be broken into periods. So much so, I decided to actually have a little fun by adding some graphics to this desk image. This is the desk of a truly frenetic creative. Oh, […]

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