The Board – Arts Education – T Shirt Design

Several years back, I had a contract with Americans For The Arts. I was hired to design a t-shirt for a new campaign around arts education in elementary school. George Bush was in office and we had several wars in full swing. With that, federal and local government were pulling back funding on arts education. I remember coming up with about 10 design ideas for the shirt and the simplest one was chosen.

The tagline was, “A politician that doesn’t support arts education—according to a 1st grader”. They loved it…but after they settled on it, there was fear (from the higher-ups) that the horns and the sharp teeth would be too offensive to the politicians they were trying to sway. I didn’t like the idea of removing them, but the client is always right. Right?

Anyway, that’s a photo of me to the left back in 1987. I was strong and a lot thinner. I also loved my Bugle Boy jeans.