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I’ve been thinking about string theory quite a bit lately. That’s kinda all one could do, “seeing” how we’ll never “see” any physical evidence of such. It also seems like such a waste of time, but wasting time is greater part of what I do. Sometimes I think, seeing with the eyes is mad played. The Newtonian perspective has its merits in the world of trucks and hammers, but there’s another level to this thing. It’s seeing with the mind. I can do these things forever and might be the only one who appreciates these “doodles.”

These strings are my wildest interpretation of String Theory.

So yeah, I go for string theory. I live in a world of classical physics and will continue move about and operate like I need to put one foot in front of the other, however I see a bending of rules in the mechanics of everything. We’d like to believe the rules jump acutely at particular levels. I think the rules shift, fade or bend.

I did a little more than the theory will allow.

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