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After moving to Washington, DC in 1999, I was amazed by all the buzz of construction and real estate deals swirling around the quadrants. In those first three years, I would drive Erica to work and pass by this particular house on Rhode Island Avenue. This is my visual interpretation of what transpired in its revitalization.

I imagined a neighborhood once ravaged not only by drug abuse, but the violence of a drug war and the outpouring of Black families who sought something different in the suburbs of Maryland or elsewhere.

This is a combination of acrylic paint and colored-pencil – Full acrylic on left, a mixture of acrylic and colored-pencil in the middle, and all colored-pencil to the right. I framed the triptych with a set of set of custom frames and mattes I cut and hand-painted myself (I was once a professional framer.)

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