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I’ve been at this things since I was born. Fiddling with things, breaking things apart, creating things, inventing things, mostly of no real worldly value and mostly entertaining only to myself. Yet, in 1999, I began to envision a creative company, as I plunged into the digital realm. I wasn’t sure what that looked like, so the internet informed me quite a bit about those small boutiques bubbling up across the country.

At the time, I bought a small digital camera: a JVC MiniDV camcorder that fit in the palm of my hand. At the same time I purchased a “capture card” with a software package and discovered the power of non linear editing. I was also discovering “photoshop business” that came as a limited software package with my scanner. It was a complete thrill to be able to bring things into the computer and manipulate them.

I didn’t have my eye on the larger broadcast companies, but I would discover entities like MK12. I wanted something compact and powerful, leveraging the ever evolving and multi-folding reality of computer based media.

I tossed around about twenty names between 2000-2002 (wishing I would have registered some of those domains and entities) and landed on Park Triangle Productions: something personal and unique. I had to tell a story to explain it. I thought that was rather cool, kinda like the names of the rock bands of the 90’s.

Presidential Candidates shoot at NEA. December, 2019.

I made the company official in 2003, after attending a digital bootcamp at the New York Film Academy. When I came back to DC, it was not long afterwards that I quit my job as a picture framer (mainly to frame my artwork cheaply and with my own hands) and became an entrepreneur.

What is it that I could do? Even though I completed the digital filmmaking bootcamp, it was only two months. I didn’t have any formal training around the digital arts, so I had to rely on trail and error, the books by Lynda and some articles on the internet. It was an ugly process, much like how I had stumbled through life learning new things prior to.

Sixteen years later, with my wife joining me full time in 2016 we know we have to do a refresh of sorts. Park Triangle was/is the entity I use/used to discover and learn not only how to do things, but who I am. Now we must find a new way to convert the things we know now. We better understand who we are and what it is we’d like to accomplish. Well, we are still learning. Our perception is refined though.

Moving forward, Park Triangle will still be around, till my last breath at least. If anyone in the family would be interested in keeping it alive, that’ll be fine by me. I guess once I’m gone, it won’t really matter, but have at it.

I’m looking to shift Park Triangle Productions towards the space it originated. It will be the moving-picture experiments of a child stumbling about the playground looking for something to do.

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