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Mug: an entity that embodies the fluid importance of the idea one desires to express. Example: “I was mad a mug when I found out he stole my bike”.

Weaving of Spirit.

I was frustrated like a mug when I did these sketches. I was trying to find some hope within the seemingly infinite folds of failure encapsulating my view from the basement of my home. The basement of my home was a metaphor at the time for my state of being. I had left the studio on Illinois Avenue that summer, and now I was relegated to working from the basement. It was of my design as opposed to what was rendered.

A Leap of Faith.

These sketches are so vivid in my memory. I remember almost every second. I can’t even say what came out of those interval years, working from there. It was almost two years before I’d move to an office in Penn Quarter. I’m still examining and breaking down that period.

Catch These Hands.

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